What’s New With The Fabulous Hubcaps?
More appropriately it should be stated “What is OLDIES about
The Fabulous Hubcaps for 2017 and beyond!”

  Vintage wine, classic cars, pop art, and the authentic classic rock and roll music of the 50’s and 60’s as only The Fabulous Hubcaps can deliver. Celebrate our 43rd year of touring with us; we will be appearing in a venue soon near you. Expect not only the “Oldies” from the 50s and 60s, but even new “Oldies” to awaken the senses and your memories of the sock hop, your prom, driving to the drive-in, American Bandstand, watching the Beatles, Elvis, Stones, and so many others on The Ed Sullivan Show. Truly, these were the best of times.

In a typical Hubcaps show, you not only hear the best of the “Classics” but you see many of your favorite artists dressed in costume delivering to you a dynamic show, the best on tour. Where else can you see Elvis, Little Richard, Connie Francis, Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, The Platters, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Willie Nelson, The Beach Boys, Junior Walker, The Temptations, Tina Turner, Patsy Cline, The Flamingos, Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs, The Jive Five, and so many more artists appearing on one stage in a single night for your total enjoyment? Only The Hubcaps can perform such a unique and spirited show! The Fabulous Hubcaps are committed to taking you there again and again, as you can never get your fill of your first love.

In 2017, The Hubcaps will take the stage with original artist “The Denny Cook” backed up by the best complement of singers and musicians ever presented during the 43 year run of this Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame inductee and 2015 MEHF Vocal Group of The Year. We are still not sure just who has the better time, the audience or the band, but who cares, it’s an entertainment love fest. Whether you catch up to us in Florida next January as we tour the state, or in Frankenmuth, MI for our 30th consecutive annual appearance in August, Ocean City this summer, the casinos of the mid-Atlantic States, or in your favorite venue in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, or beyond, the party starts with you and is all about you our incredible fans. You are always part of the act and we appreciate you so much. Swing dance, do the twist, the stroll, the locomotion, the cha cha, the jitterbug, dance real slow, or just go crazy!

“This ain’t no disco, this is a party, and we’re not fooling around”. Let’s “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”!

For information on shows and booking check out the website www.thehubcaps.com or call Janie Noelte, our business manager at 410-356-5335. Speak to Janie for five minutes and you will have a better day.

Also, check out our latest CD, “40 Years Rockin’ And Still Rollin”, along with the other cool stuff in our online store, “The Hubcaps Gift Shop”.

Denny, Barry, Tommy, Lorraine, Michael, Uncle Bubba, Jay, Janie and our fantastic road crew; Bob, Corey, Joe and Johnny B.

“Rock ‘n’ Roll is Alive & Well”